Centreline Marking offers the following services


Centreline Markings offers the following services


Line Marking Services

  • Car park markings
  • Shopping Centre markings
  • Customised Signs manufactured, supplied and installed
  • School markings as required
  • Warehouse and Factory markings as required
  • Sport Court markings and Surfaces
  • OHS Safety markings
  • Airport markings
  • Road Markings as required
  • Specialised Surface Coatings as required
  • Anti-skid, non-slip and epoxy coatings.

We can supply and install

  • Bollards
  • Wheel Stops
  • Speed Humps
  • Mirrors
  • Guard Rails
  • Pedestrian Handrails

Tactile Paving

  • Stair Treatments
    • Treads
    • Landings
    • Nosing

All provided for OH&S purposes.

Your complete

line marking



Yards Drain Surrounds
Wheel Stops
Warehouse Markings Epoxy Coatings
Warehouse Isle Markings
Sports Courts Markings
Sports Courts BBall Netball Ors
Sports Court Basketball
School Play Ground Markings
Safety Walkways
Pedestrian Walkways
Parent with Pram marking
Loading Zone with Driver Standing Zone
Kiss & Drive
Kerb Markings Yellow trip edge highlighted
Keep Clear Marking
Epoxy Coatings
Directional Arrows
Customised Markings
Customer Parking signage
Car Park Markings
Car Park marking multi level
Car Park Marking for Customer Parking
15 KPH marking
Materials used:  Solvent and water borne road marking products; Long life cold and thermo plastic product; Epoxy materials.

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  • Line Marking , Car Park Markings, Road Markings, School Markings, Warehouse and Factory Markings, Airport Markings Walkways, Sport Court markings and Surfaces, Anti-skid, non-slip and epoxy coatings.
    Supply and installation of - Speed Humps, Speed Cushions, Signs, Guard Rails, Pedestrian handrails, Wheel Stops Mirrors and Bollards

    "Line Marking Services Perth - Phone: 0417 986 617 and 0423 401 138"